Tuesday, September 30, 2008


On Saturday Alejo and I took a trip to Arnhem, about 2 
hours train ride from Eindhoven, where we were to watch Monsterjam! Since the beginning of the week Alejo had been jumping up and down like a little girl, very excited! I didn't quite know what to expect but when we arrived and saw those huge trucks I knew it was going to be cool. Here it is....
(sorry that the photo's aren't in order, still figuring out how to work this thing.)

Before the show started
Bus trip to the stadium
Monster Mutt
Alejo at the station in Utrecht.
This is Jurassic Attack. Before the show started I was very excited by him but turned out he was pretty disapointing and struggled to put on a good show! 
Geldredome stadium, Arnhem

ha ha!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

This made my day!

Neil sent me the link to this video today. I sat in my little room laughing my gat off for about half an hour. Too beautiful! 


To be or not to be

So, we have drama every Thursday morning for 41/2 hours. Interesting. Our last assignment was to (in groups of three) do an 8 minute interpretive performance for the rest of the class. We had to each choose 8 words/ sentences from a list, some of them included: 'unspoken you can't say a word', 'the water is a dream', 'dead and don't know it', 'taste my mouth in your ear', 'je gezight kwijt zijn', 'you love nonsense' and 'you have nothing to show'. Based on the 24 that each group had decided on we had to somehow collaborate them into an interpretive piece. There were NO boundaries. Today Ruben lost his front teeth! As there was a lot of gooey and wet mess I didn't want to get my camera too close so I decided to rather just photograph the calmer performances...enjoy

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Today i'm sad.. Zara have the most yummy woolen jerzeys for winter and i can't afford them :(
Life of a student...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This evening we had our sustainability presentations that went reasonably well.. Some groups presented very very interesting things. Basically we had to (in groups of 4-5) choose a product, be it electrical or not, and analyse it, take it apart, bring it to its simplest form. Then ask questions about the extraction of raw materials used to produce your chosen product, do they use socially acceptable substances that pose no health hazards? are emissions avoided?, do they minimise energy input and material input? etc.. then we moved on to the production of the product, is pre consumer waste minimised? do they prefer regional suppliers along the whole supply chain.. etc.. then the use and services.. does it create user benefits? is it an appropriate design? and then finally is it designed for longevity or is it a short-lived product. Next we'll move on to creating and thinking of ways to improve the product and make it more eco-friendly. Or suggest alternative ways of recycling the products etc..and then finally we have to make this new product..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Recipe numero uno

I made this this afternoon, whilst very hungover and it turned out to be pretty good. Not the ideal hangover food at all but a good little light lunch or dinner! 
egg noodles
green beans (NOT Dutch ones, they're terrible and they give you cotton mouth)
a strong chilli
soy sauce or ketchup manis
chop the green beans into smaller pieces and cook along with the chopped garlic and chilli. cook it really slowly on low heat, this allows for the garlic to slowly roast and the beans stay nice and crunchy. Boil water and cook the egg noodles until 'al dente'. when you feel your beans and have cooked enough add some fresh spinach, as much as you like and cook it until it is soft.
lastly add some ketchup manis to flavour.. you could also throw in some fish sauce or ginger, but i didn't have..and of corse a little bit of chicken! 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stumbled across this music video by Bang Gang, an Icelandic band, beautiful cover of Stop In the Name of Love (Supremes). The music video is my favourite thing at the moment..I watch it seven thousand times a day, think it's beautiful! 


Monday, September 15, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Design Academy Eindhoven

Cafeteria, floor 6

Witte Dame Zaal, floor 5
Left wing of the computer lab, floor 2

A card we made for Conner..have a Puffin birthday!