Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My tiles tiles are all done and ready for Wednesday.. thank god we no longer have to fire them (no worry about them exploding) here are some of the layouts/ options...
Let's just hope all is well!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Milk pourer- LAB

Now that the tiles are all done we have been busy with milk pourers, money savers and vases. Spent all day in the workshop today making my mould (3 piece) of the pourer. Long process. Tiring process. Dirty process. I now sit here with burning eyes and nose and a throught that feels like it's on fire- guess i don't take too well to the plaster! It was fun though. A good day. Here's how it went...

This is my pourer/ jug (whatever you want to call it). Foam model. Base for plaster mould.

Building up the clay on the sides for the first half of the mould.

First half plaster poured..

And dried!

Sara and I- look how tired i am. Gosh.

Svana getting help from Anna

Making my 'keys'.

Susanna and Svana looking very excited!

Busy days in the workshop..

Nice dirty feet at the end of the day..

Sunday, June 21, 2009

last department done!

Susanna happy to be done

Standing around listning to the last of the presentations.

Sara's bag design.

Last week Tuesday we had our last department class! VUHU!! Happy faces and satisfied tummy feelings. Great stuff! :)


3D is finally done and it feels gooood! :) We all got given a picture/ word and had to just basically make it in a 3D form looking as close as possible to the original pic. Mine was a geometric tesselation and my picture i got given was as big as my pinkie fingernail. It was a bit difficult to work out how it was constructed and how it really looked seeing as i don't have super zoom eyes. At the end i got told to design a building or a bicycle helmet pased on the dynamics and structure of a tortise shell. This is the final result. It's 50 x 40cm.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i love finding nice stuff..

I was browsing through Elle Decor's blog and came accross this- which i think is awesome...
I couldn't find alot of info on the artist but she goes by the name "Knitalatte". Wonderful how she has used the natural fibres and organic materials so beautifully..So simple. Things like this make me happy..

Monday, June 15, 2009


Saturday we had a huge trip planned to Antwerpen but things with the train didn't work out, track working and shit, so we found ourselves stuck in Roosendaal, which- safely said, is probably the worst place in Holland EVER. I did find a cool fat suit though. We then made our way to Tiblurg where we devoured Belgium waffels (seeing that we missed out on the real ones) and just huing out in the cool city.

Susanna the diva, Marieke and Svana


Tilburg City Centre

Nice 'terrasjes'

oranje oranje!

There was some music festival in Eindhoven the past few days and shit was crazy! They had these massive orange balloons on the lamp posts- thought it looked nice against the blue sky..

Monday, June 8, 2009

tiles...and hell

At the moment one of our classes (engineering) we have to make tiles in ceramic. This is a pretty hellish process as they have to be super perfect and when your tile shifts during the first stage already (pouring the plaster for the mould) you know you have problems- yes..Famke has problems. Following this my mould broke when producing my fifth tile. Oh the joy of ceramics. We were to produce a tile with a pattern on it, the tile should be able to be arranged into at least three different patterns, one with no gaps. Here is the process so far..It's really an exercise in testing your patience! - Enjoy!

This is my mould.

Hammering the tile out of the mould. Sore biceps.

Trying to figure out what went wrong...

Figured out what went wrong!

Dirty clothes..part of the fun

And my final tiles, with an approving stare from dear Obama..

Sunday, June 7, 2009

something to make y'all smile

I was checking out an ex teacher, who is currently studying in Korea's home page.. this is what he teaches every day cuteyyyy

Monday, June 1, 2009

Eindhoven "beach"

Today we went to the beach. To the beach in the middle of the city. To the beach on the highway. To the beach in Eindhoven. The beach- hahhaha. This man made dam was definately a good change of scenery but certainly nothing close to our beautiful Camps Bay!