Sunday, January 31, 2010

Faberge you smart man

These just blow my mind. It's incredible to see how magnificently crafted these eggs have been knowing that they had half the tools to work with that we have today. These Russian Imperial Eggs are possibly one of my favourite things at the moment. Can't get them off my mind!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

spoon me...

I was browsing through piles of cool stuff at an antique store with my friend and found this fantastic spoon.. took it to the workshop and made this cool pendant from it..

boys are back in town

Yes I know i'v been bad but im back and im promising lots of exciting things.. here's a bit of the stuff i have been doing over the past 5 months..first year's over and with bleeding fingers and a constant cramp in my neck this is what i have to show..

This was my final 1st year exam to anything.. freedom of design at LAST it was great.
925 Silver, hollow construction pendant..dagger dagger.

Set brief, 925 Silver, Coin Frame Setting. This one was nice and pain :)

Set brief, 925 Silver, Faceted Ring. One of my favourite but a killer on the shoulders. Too much filing!

Set brief, 925 Silver, Hooped Earrings.

Set brief, 925 Silver, Faceted, Domed and Flat Band.