Sunday, March 6, 2011

fire me up!

These two pieces are from local designers Firepetals, a creative collaboration between Adeline Joubert and Adi Cloete. I enjoy their work because without being polished the pieces still have a 'clean' and 'calming feel. The metal has character and personality and the attention to detail is great! In these pieces you will always find some hidden treasure, whether is is obvious or ambiguous. The hand made quality is also great! 


Marcel Wanders (NL), v.i.p chair. Great design! The simplicity of this design is very effective and gives it a clean look. The v.i.p chair is completely upholstered with a woolen, felt like textile. The upholstery covering the legs of the chair hang loose, like trouser-legs AND the chair has hidden wheels creates the illusion that it is 'floating' when moved. I love love love the simplicity and seemingly geometric feel that this chair has. Along with its quirky feel it still remains somewhat sophisticated. nice!


I love what Maarten Baas has done with this unconventional range of furniture, Smoke. 
The chairs that Baas produces have been burnt and then preserved in a clear epoxy coating and then re upholstered, creating a contrasting feeling of new vs. old. The beauty and character of burnt wood is captured in a long lasting material and brings much depth and an intriguing quality to the finished product.  I love the unfinished feel and how it still possesses so much beauty and fragility. Mooi